Container Size 20″  GP 40″  GP 40″  HQ
Inner Length 5.899m 12.024m 12.024m
Inner Width 2.353m 2.353m 2.353m
Innner Height 2.388m 2.388m 2.692m
Nominal Capacity 33CBM 67CBM 76CBM
Actual Capacity 28CBM 58CBM 68CBM
Payload 27000KGS 27000KGS 27000KGS


What we normally load are 20’GP and 40’HQ containers,which can load about 26CBM and 66CBM correspondingly.
It is hard to count the exact cubic meters of the goods before loading,especially for those different packages and sizes.
Therefore we will leave 1 to 2 CBM based on the actual capacity in case some goods can’t be loaded.

For goods normally we quote FOB shipping point price.